Sexual Harassment Behind The Scenes

At least 34 men from entertainment industries to politicians to high powered men have been accused of some sort of sexual harassment. Most of these men have had some sort of consequence for their awful actions. These men are people you hear about all the time from Oscar winning actors to stand up comedians. All of these accusations started mostly because of Harvey Weinstein. Multiple women came out saying that Harvey has sexually harassed them. This led to giving other women and men the courage to stand up and bring the attention to how much this happens behind the scenes.Harvey Weinstein was a producer and co-founder of the Weinstein company. According to The New York Times, Weinstein was exposed for raping three women and sexauly harrasing dozen of others. He was then fired from his company. Harvey denied the accusations that the sexual relations were not consensual.

Kevin Spacey was also accused of sexual harassment of 15 men and even having sexual misconduct with a minor. Spacey is a huge actor most famous for his TV show “House of Cards.” Spacey never came out personally to speak publicly about these accusations. He was suspended from “House of Cards” and other productions.

According to media sources, Steven Seagal was offering actresses movie parts if they gave him “sexual favors.” Seagal is a big time action movie star.

Ed Westwick is now being accused of raping two women and groping another girl. Westwick was in the top hit drama “Gossip Girl.” Ed’s TV shows have been postponed, and LAPD is now investigating his case. Ed is also denying the accusations that are made against him.

John Lasseter,the head of Pixar and Walt Disney animation has been accused of unwanted kisses and groping and vulgar comments to women. John is taking a six month sabbatical.

Charlie Rose is a television host, Charlie has been accused for sexaully harrasing 8 women also he groped and women and had lewd phone calls. Charlie was fired from all connections with CBS.

Brett Ratner a producer and director, he is accused for raping 6 women and exposing himself and more. Ratner stepped away from all of his positions.

Roy moore the Alabama Judge was accused of sexual misconduct with five teenage girls. Roy denied all allegations made towards him.

Al Franken a U.S senator is being accused of sexually harassing two women with unwanted kissing and groping them. Leeann Tweeden wrote an article including pictures of Al groping her. Al has apologised to Leeann and to the public.

Louis CK comedian and producer, CK if being charged with sexual misconduct with five women, he exposed himself to these women groped and more. FX cut ties with Louis and his new movie release was canceled. Louis CK admitted to his actions.

There are still more men and women being exposed for the awful things they do to other people, this is just the start of sexual harassment behind the scenes.

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