Coat Donations

Our school is having a coat donation this winter. If you have any old coats that no longer fit you or you no longer like you can take them to Ms. Burris in room 325.There is a big blue barrel that is in her room that you can put your coats in. The coats need o be gently used though. Our school wants to make sure that everyone can stay warm this winter. They are giving to kids that are around our community that cannot afford to buy new coats. This also a barrel in the main lobby for you to drop off your coats. If you tell Amanda or sign the sheet that says you donated Ms.Burris will give you a coupon for a free cheese coney from Gold Star. They are taking donations through January 10th. It is getting colder and colder, the last thing people want to be is without a coat on so please donate coats that you no longer use. There is about 1.35 million kids in America who experience homelessness every year. In the winter they are constantly freezing, one coat could make a huge difference to the children who freeze in the 20 degree weather that we endure in Ohio. There is 800,000 people in America that are homeless each night, now imagine how they felt over the weekend while it was around 20 degrees. While we were able to sit in our cars or homes warm they had nowhere to go. So if you see a coat that you could donate sitting around please donate them to our school to help those who need them.

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