Grandson Of Charles Manson Claims Deceased Killer’s Remains

Everyone has more than likely heard the name Charles Manson at least once in their lives, as the man was one of the most notorious serial killers and cult leaders of all time. Before his passing in November of 2017, he was serving life in prison for the conspiracizing and killing of at least seven people. He was born right here in Cincinnati, Ohio and before his life of crime and killing he was actually a singer and songwriter. He started the cult known as the ‘Manson Family’ believing in and wanting to start mass race wars in the United States, and was responsible for multiple killings in a few short years. This would be the case until the late 60’s where he would be convicted for his crimes and be originally sentenced to death, but would end up being sentenced to spend life in maximum security prisons and protective housing units in California.

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On November 19th, 2017 the troubled man’s life would come to an end resulting from cardiac arrest, respiratory failure and other complications from colon cancer. Since his passing, 3 people have come forward claiming to have the rights to the killers body and everything else in his will. One man named Michael Channels submitted a will claimed to be written by Manson back in 2002, but he was turned down due to the lack of truth. Another man named Michael Brunner stepped forward for the body after claiming to be Manson’s son, but was also turned down because of being legally adopted by his grandparents. Lastly, after multiple court battles and now being four months later the body has been given to an actual grandson of Manson’s named Jason Freeman.

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Freeman’s father was Charles Manson Jr., son of Manson and his first wife Rosalie Willis. Jr. would later change his name to Jay White after the divorce of his parents. White committed suicide in 1993 in his late 30’s but had children before. Freeman says he was always aware that his grandfather was Charles Manson and has claimed to have even spoken to him on multiple occasions. He says that they got along well and even had a great relationship considering their positions in life, he says he did what he felt was right. Once finding out of his grandfathers passing he traveled to California to prove he was Manson’s grandson and claim the body. Freeman said “I’m just doing what’s right; I’m just doing what any grandson should do, regardless of who their grandfather is.” His plans are to have Manson’s body cremated and his ashes spread in a private cemetery.

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