Battlefield 5 Teaser Released; Reveal Later Today

In a very similar style to the tease and revealment of Battlefield 1 back in 2016, EA/DICE are back again to show of their latest project.

With Battlefield 5, we aren’t sure exactly what to expect. However, due to leaks and an official 20 second teaser, we have a pretty good guess. Early rumors predicted that the popular FPS franchise was going to return to WWII for it’s latest installment, after the success of ‘ditching futuristic’ and heading to WWI in BF1. The new teaser backs this, and even though more than half of its length comes from an ESRB rating, it’s broadness comes with just enough conciseness to practically confirm a second World War setting.

A still from the recent teaser, potentially demonstrating an assassination. Image courtesy Electronic Arts.

In the teaser, which actually lasts more like three seconds, not much is seen in game. There’s a mustached man with a finger in front of his face, shushing the player. His outfit resembles an older style military uniform of either WWI/WWII. However, it’s the HUD that gives away the most information. It’s a reiteration of the classic BF HUD we all know and love, with two sides and their insignia/score on the top of the screen. Here we see the British Union Jack and the Balkenkreuz of Nazi Germany, which iconically was used from 1935 until the conclusion of the war. The “Squad spawning on you +20” confirms it’s a bit from a multiplayer match, and is further backed as gameplay with the minimap in the bottom. Perhaps the character seen is stealing our dog tags? That wouldn’t be surprising, as it’s been a feature in many of the past Battlefield games.

Battlefield 5 is (confusingly) the ‘iterative evolution’ of the immensely successful Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1. It’s set to use the Frostbite Engine, which is the same engine as Star Wars Battlefront 2 and more recently, BF1. While the lack of a new engine is somewhat dull and disappointing, Frostbite is tried and true. It looks good and runs well, which is all we really need.

Battlefront 2 featured stunning visuals and ran on the Frostbite engine. Screenshot courtesy of PCGamesN.

Going back to previous leaks, the newest title is rumored to have four classes: Assault, Support, Engineer and Recon. The same four that DICE has been sticking to for years. Also, Elite Classes, Kit Weapons and Behemoths may make a comeback, alongside the hit gamemode Operations, which enveloped players in their own ongoing war and personalized story.

A lot of leaked information came attached with this screenshot, allegedly of the main menu. Image courtesy of Drakesden/EA.

Following the rumors, more intense claims have been made. Some leaks stated that vehicles will be more controlling (i.e. Battlefield 4) but others have stated that bullet deviation has been ditched. Following the trend set by other companies (and franchises like Call of Duty), a suspected ‘Battle Royal’ mode may be included. Gun variants may no longer be a factor, and microtransactions will apparently only be cosmetic. This make sense, after the huge upset in the gaming community over the ridiculous prices included at launch with Battlefront 2. Fingers crossed at least this is true.

Still, as detailed as the leak may be, it hasn’t been substantiated by anything more than words or claims from ‘a friend of a friend.’ Unfortunately in many ways it seems more like a fan-made wishlist, so until anything is confirmed take it with a grain of salt. You can catch the world wide reveal later today, here, at 4:00pm EST. Battlefield 5 is set to launch in October of this year for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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