Reds Losing Streak

The Reds have been on a steady decline since their win against the Pirates on Opening Day and this past series didn’t go any better. The Reds have suffered many shutout games already and the last series with the Pirates was no different. Their last game on Sunday started out with alot of hope until the top of the fourth came around.

In the 2nd inning Derek Dietrich, a sub for Joey Votto at first for the day, hit a 2-run homerun into the Allegheny River outside the park. What was most noticeable about it was his staredown afterword, which conveyed the fight the Reds had in the game. The next inning came around and Dietrich was up to bat once again and the same pitcher Chris Archer was against him. This time archer threw the first pitch at Dietrich so far it went behind him.


Naturally, Archer was given a warning but this wasn’t enough for David Bell and he immediately stormed out to argue, as did Yasiel Puig toward Archer. This is when the fight broke out. Puig, by far the Reds best player right now, was the first to bring all players out of their dugouts for a brawl on home plate. Once all had calmed down we didn’t see Puig return back to the field as he was thrown out with Bell. With this the Reds chances of a win vanished. They saw no real success until the 8th when Dietrich once again hit a 2-run homerun out of the park and into the river again. Sadly it wasn’t enough for a Reds win and they fell for their seventh straight game. This was the first time the Reds have been swept in a four game series in Pittsburgh in the last 50 years. After the game, Puig reflected on the fight and simply said that if someone hits a homerun off you, then strike him out. There’s no need for that play in baseball.


The Reds sit at 1-8, so where do they go now? Despite a busy offseason it’s unsure if the moves will pay off. Despite having big names like Puig, Kemp, Gray and Roark we don’t see the production that had once followed them. The stats show: Puig and Kemp are combined 5-for-52 without no home runs, Gray has had a terrible game and one decent game, Winker is hitting .042 as a leadoff hitter and Votto has had a mediocre season as well. Overall the Reds are just not good. Seeing this means that trades will most likely be made if games are not won.

We aren’t even in May yet and if things don’t change by then the Reds could be out of the playoff picture before the weather is even warned up. For a 150 year anniversary, we may see the lowest attendance ever.  


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