James Charles Cancelled

James Charles cancelled? The young 19 year old beauty guru/youtuber is being called out by everyone in the industry. Tati Westbrook another famous makeup artist on youtube was always known for supporting James Charles through all of his drama that you hear about. In James’ apology video which we will get into later he said how Tati stepped in as a parent figure when james first moved to L.A. in 2017. He even lived with her for the first year. Tati also was a big reason why James has been so popular. She gave him so many shout outs, even when James became very popular she would shout him out, show his pallet and make videos with him.

The beauty community is normally a very supportive group of one another. Yet over the past week it seems as if everyone is against James, and here’s why. Tati Westbrook has a hair, nail, and skin product that is all natural. She doesn’t ask people to do brand deals for it because, she wants young people to seek it out. That’s how good she believes it is.  Apparently Tati did ask James if he liked it and asked if he wanted to be a model of some sort for her products called, Halo Beauty. James said he really did not want to because of his audience. His normal audience was teens from age 12-15. James didn’t want to practically tell his younger audience that they need to change how they look.

Apparently Tati understood this and moved on. Well turns out at Coachella James did a sponsorship for SugarBearHair. Which is practically a more mainstream product of Tati’s just not natural. He did a big promotion saying how they “rescued” him as Coachella. Apparently Sugar Bear pays a bunch of money if you become a sponsor. As you can assume Tati saw this and thought, he only didn’t do mine because I didn’t want to pay him. This is where it evolved Tati didn’t immediately make this a big deal and we are not sure of all the details.  But what we do know is that on Friday May 10th Tati made a 43 minute video pretty much exposing James for being a greedy selfish person.

In the video Tati talks about a lot of things. One of the biggest issues that has been blowing up everywhere is James Charles trying to get with straight guys when he is openly gay. He has gone from some thirsty tweets out too some attractive celebrities, youtubers, pretty much anyone. One of the major incidents that has been everywhere is when James was talking to a guy named Gabe. James flew him out to coachella just trying to hang out with him. After Gabe telling James that he was straight, James said “You went for a free Coachella ticket and did JUST enough to make me think you lied to me all while taking photos and hanging on me in public for attention” As if James only invited him because he was interested in other relations.

This is not the first incident. Ever since the video dropped even more people have been coming out with how James made them feel uncomfortable. Some girls even said how he was trying to get with their straight boyfriends. Tati even says in the video “It’s really disgusting to manipulate someone’s sexuality, especially when they are still emerging into adulthood, and don’t quite have everything figured out.” Seems as of this isn’t the first.

Tati expresses how truly heartbroken she is that this is what her friendship has come to with James. James made an apology video but it seems like it was not enough. Over the time James has lost 3,000,000 youtube subscribers since the video was posted. He started out with 16,000,000. Yet Tati started out with 5,000,000 and now has 9,000,000. We can only imagine that they are all just switching. This sure isn’t this first “Sister Scandal” and most likely will not be the last.

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