Fenty Beauty: Celebrating One Year Of Inclusion

f448e55f7ba10cee4d3bf73db72fe4b2In September 2017, Fenty Beauty was released into the beauty community and set the standards for a all inclusive market. Rihanna´s created Fenty Beauty for every woman, for every skin tone, and for every skin type. For years, the best beauty brands in the business were neglecting women of color. This inspired the creation of Fenty Beauty, ¨so that women everywhere would be included.¨ Fenty Beauty was even named by Time magazine as one of the best inventions of 2017. Since the creation of Fenty Beauty, many new brands, and new products were put under scrutiny because of their lagging shade range. We are no longer accepting excuses for a lagging shade range, the beauty community now expects and demand an all inclusive product(s). 

To celebrate one year of inclusion, Fenty Beauty has recently released the, ¨GLOSS BOMB¨ and the ¨DIAMOND BOMB¨. Both products are inspired by the luxurious diamonds and pearls.s2113041-main-zoom

Universal Lip Luminizer now comes in two glorious shades, ¨Fenty Glow¨ and the newest edition being ¨DIAMOND MILK¨, each shade is made to deliver high-shine to the lips while conditioning your lips to feel soft, and refreshed. Each shade is made to look absolutely stunning on each skin tone. For the new collecting the¨GLASS BOMB¨ ($18)  in the shade ¨DIAMOND MILK¨, is inspired by shimmering pearls. The gloss is intensive shine, long-wearing, and nourishing for the lips. The gloss is enriched with shea butter to condition the lips, the conditioning will leave the lips looking fuller, and feeling smoother! The ¨GLASS BOMB¨ includes a XXL applicator, the wand glides across the lips leaving them with a sickening wash of beautiful shimmer pearls.

27549¨DIAMOND BOMB¨ is a all over veil of luxurious diamonds, the newest highlighter comes in the shade ¨HOW MANY CARATS?!¨($38) This pure and rich platinum is a super finely milled 3D sparkle that is meant for face and body, it is meant to leave a insane dusted diamond look! This highlighter is one of a kind for Fenty Beauty because once you apply it, it is a super pigmented shine that leaves the skin doused in a high shine effect. The celebrity highlight features a new 3D formula as the ¨DIAMOND BOMB¨ is a jelly powder which is soft, bouncy, and cooling highlighter that melts into the skin, and still has very high intensity. The highlighter leaves the whole face and body looking crystal-coated. This newest edition comes in a sleek and gorgeous packaging that looks like a¨faceted jewel compact¨. Rihanna recommends to apply the ¨DIAMOND BOMB¨ with her ¨Face & Body Kabuki Brush 160¨.

Within the first month of Fenty Beauty, the brand recorded over $72.0 million in sales! This first year has been very successful for Rihanna and she should be overjoyed with impact on the beauty industry and also how she has created magnificent products!

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