Going to the Oaks

Some people really do not like going to school, I get that because school is not the most fun thing in the

world. Think about it, you could be traveling the world going to France or Spain or anywhere in the world, or

even just at home in your bed cozied up under  all the blankets and pillows watching tv or sleeping.

Some people enjoy going to school because they get to see their friends and talk to them everyday and

some people like school because they actually want an education and then go to a great college to have

a successful career. School is not for everyone but everyone must go. There happens to be a great

program called the oaks, you can go to Great oaks or Live oaks. If you go to the oaks you have the

opportunity to learn about the career that you want to go into and start doing the practice for it. This is a

great thing to look into if you are not really wanting to go to college after high school and want to go

straight to a Career.

Great oaks specializes in career and technical education for both high school students and adults. At four

campuses, Great Oaks high school students prepare for careers and college, and adults get training and

certification to begin a new career or advance in a current career. There are over 30 career programs that

are available for high school students living in 36 area school districts. Adults can choose from a dozen

full time programs as well as some part time career certification classes and short term classes for

enjoyment and lifelong learning.

Since I do not attend the oaks I decided to ask some people that go there to see what their opinion on it is.

“ Since starting the school year at the oaks I have met so many people and some of my  new best friends

that I would have never thought I would be friends with. It’s cool that some people from my regular high

go here with me, especially at the beginning of the year because I didn’t want to be out of place. The courses are cool because I get to focus on my career but we also take normal classes like science and stuff which is ok I guess”.

You can attend the oaks when you are a junior and a senior and you start to learn more about it your sophomore year and you can go to you school’s guidance office to find out more about it.

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