Best Sneakers for this Winter

Winter is right around the corner and everybody wants to look fresh for school, outings, or even daily life. There are a lot of brands and shoes to choose from. Sometimes picking a pair of shoes can be hard because there are so many styles, brands, colorways, and shoes to choose from. Winter time is when a lot of the bulkier shoes are worn. With the “dad shoes” or older style of shoes becoming more and more popular every day there’s a lot of options.

The Yeezy 500

The Yeezy 500 is a shoe that was made by Adidas and Kanye West. This shoe has a good amount of colorways or color patterns. The majority are solid colors that are usually different shades of white, black or grey and sometimes yellow. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you’re style is. This shoe is pretty out there for most people but with the solid colorways it takes a step back to being more normal. This is a more bulky pair of shoes which goes well with bigger clothing which makes this shoe a good pick for winter. This shoe can only be bought by resellers. This means you have to get it from sites like StockX, Goat, or Flight club. They can also be found on sites like craigslist or ebay but they aren’t as reliable as websites geared more towards selling shoes. Since this shoe can only be found by resellers the prices can vary depending on how many people have been buying that shoe or by the size of shoe you where.

Image result for yeezy 500
Image result for yeezy 500

Sock sneakers

If that last shoe was not your style this shoe is completely different. I didn’t pick one pair of shoes for this one because there are so many different pairs to choose from. The sock sneaker is an up and coming shoe for a lot of people. These types of shoes are designed to  be very slim fighting and they tend to resemble socks hence the name sock sneakers. As I said before there are a lot of different brands doing this and this sneaker is not for everyone but it’s meant to make you stand out. The brand that started this trend is Balenciaga. You may have heard of this brand before because it is a very expensive brand for clothing shoes bags and other things. The name of their sock sneaker is the speed trainers. By the name you can guess that they are made for being active in and running and jumping. The thing about the Speed trainers is they are very expensive so there are definitely better options that won’t break the bank like the speed trainers. For example Champion makes a very similar sneaker that retails Around 100 bucks. These shoes are called Rally Hype Mid Shoes. The name is a mouthfull but they have a similar design to balenciaga’s designer shoes for a fraction of the cost so if you like these shoes you should definitely give them a shot.

Image result for what are speed trainers for
Image result for xhampion speed trainers for


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