Save The Earth

If every person on the planet contributed a little bit of effort to help keeping the environment clean, it would make the world a tremendously better place. Scientists have proven that humans use Earths resources fifty percent faster than it is replenished. This lead them to conclude that by the year 2030 (ten years from now), we technically will need two Earths to support our population and consumption. We also have destroyed numerous animal and plant lives and habitats. Every year between 18,000 and 55,000 species go extinct due to human activities.Image result for environment planet earth"

Us people are also naturally wasteful. On Average (especially the western society) we waste food, paper, packaging, old electronics, metals etc. U.S. industries generate almost 8 billion tons of waste each year. There is many issues coming in the short, and long run for our planet, but their is many ways you can help turn the environment around for the better.

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Ways to help protect our planet:

  • One of the easiest but helpful ways to contribute to helping our planet is by simply planting trees! Or to help save the trees without planting them, you can reduce on using so much paper. and recycle the paper you do use.
  • Limiting your car use is a great way to help our planet. Try an alternative like biking, walking, or public transport. And not only does it save the environment, it helps save you some money on gas.
  • Its proven that 40% of food is wasted! that is almost half of the food we all eat everyday thrown away. Too help reduce food waste, you can start monitoring your trash. Take notes on whats not being eaten so you can use it to help grocery shop the next time around. Or you can list the food you want to buy to help keep you from being tempted to impulse buy.
  • Going green is a easy task anyone can contribute in. For example the next time you decide to go shopping to pick up a few things, carry your items instead of getting a plastic bag. Invest in a water bottle that is not plastic etc.
  • do away with old light bulbs, and switch to LED.Image result for planet earth"

There are so many ways to help contribute to saving our environment and planet. Even just the smallest amount of effort from each person will make the biggest difference. Our planet is very important and we need to take care of Earth, like earth takes care of us.


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