Activities for Singles on Valentines Day

Take advantage of holiday shopping sales

Instead of moping around the house about not going to a fancy dinner or getting cheap kroger chocolate, put that money towards a new wardrobe, you’ll do better next year!

Take a trip to the spa

Enjoy a day of “me time” and get yourself a nice massage and medi-pedi. Soon enough you’ll forget about what day it is.

Try new food

If you don’t mind seeing all the lovey- dovey couples, dress yourself up and have a fancy date at a new restaurant, or a place that offers a specialized holiday menu. Be sure to get a reservation in advance to ensure you get a table.

See a comedian

Whether you go out and see a show in person or stay cuddled up at home, laughter really is the best medicine. If you’re feeling down in the blues this Valentines day take some time to watch your favorite comedian.

Bake with friends

Valentines day is known for lots of things like pink and red, hearts, flowers, love, but most importantly, sweet treats. Spend some time with friends baking your favorite Valentines treats to share with family, other friends, and of course yourself!

Take a weekend trip

Want to get away from your ex, red hearts, chocolate candies, or Valentines day in general, take a weekend trip and have some fun.

Buy yourself jewelry

Who said you need a partner to buy you jewelry? Get something new to cherish forever this Valentines day.

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