Black Friday

The Story of Black Friday

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The first Black Friday

Black Friday is a more historical “holiday” than we think. It originally wasn’t created for holiday gift shopping, but was  started to counteract a financial crisis. The gold market crashed in 1869 after two men decided to buy as much of the gold industry as possible in hopes of making a profit. This began causing so many businesses and individual people to go bankrupt. The stock market crashed and stores began having trouble staying open, so the day after Thanksgiving they decided to drop their prices incredibly to lure in holiday shoppers. Low and behold it worked. So many stores made an enormous profit off of these shoppers and were able to put themselves back into business. This has just been a continuing tradition since. 

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Since then Black Friday has been aimed more towards just discounts for the holidays, rather than fixing a crisis. Many people have funny and crazy Black Friday stories. It’s considered a “Karen” fest. These stories range from stories of people they have run into on Black Friday, or little fights they have gotten two. However, some are better than others. Here are the top three stories we found from Black Friday. 

Stories from Black Friday

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Black Friday is one of the most stressful days for store workers, so many things can go wrong and they never know what kind of people the deals will bring. However, Redditt user Kidou didn’t expect to experience stress as a restaurant worker. He worked in a Johnny Rocket, which didn’t decide to open early like many stores because they don’t serve breakfast. “[We] had people shake our gates screaming that they wanted food. [If I did open the restaurant], it would be just me and an opener getting the chairs set out. I pointed them towards the food court and told them we didn’t serve breakfast. A lady spit at me and told me, ‘I know you have bacon’. We do. In a fridge waiting to be cooked and put on a burger”. People tend to go crazy on Black Friday over almost everything. 

People will also do anything to  get to the deals before everyone else. Some are better at it than others though. Some try faking a health issue. However they usually don’t get very far with this. Twitter user @b4yside experienced one of these failed attempts. He says, “I [watched] a woman who was using a wheelchair claim to be paralyzed then walked over to cheap Ralph Lauren”. I wonder what happened after she got caught. 

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Sometimes the least expected people can go crazy on Black Friday, Reddit user Lezbatron witnessed one of these situations. They were working in the electric department of a store, which arguably was always the craziest on Black Friday, when they watched a cute little old lady get feisty over the radio. “Working in the electronics department, a little old lady punched a teenage boy in the face to get the last radio he had picked up. She snatched it up and ran”. Hopefully she got good use of that radio for the effort she put in to get it.

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