The Rivalry Game

(some photos by “Clermont Sun Sports”)

The night of October 26th was the night every body was waiting for. The rivalry game against West Clermont and Milford at Milford. In the past West Clermont has won the game twice and Milford winning once last year. Last year Milford had a hard fought win, 23 to 21, West Clermont was coming back for revenge. Milford has a large entrance ready for the game, huge red fireworks shooting from their entrance.

West Clermont got a head start fast though. Leaving the game at 20 to 3 at half time, having a pick six in the second quarter, and a 69 yard touchdown run. After half time Milford scores bringing the game to 20 to 10. The West Clermont student hearts sunk, hoping they don’t come back. Luckily the defense was one bought to keep them from scoring again. WCHS won the game at 20 to 10, being the least closest game against the two there has ever been.

Through out the game West Clermont has 56 totally plays, whole 16 more plays then Milford. They also had 14 first downs and 49 penalty yards all together. We were all a little nervous for West Clermont at the start of the season, However something has happened, and has made that tweak to put them back into shape.

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