Myles Garrett Suspension

This past Thursday on “Thursday Night Football”, one of the most outrageous actions out of a single-player occurred. Cleveland’s star defensive end Myles Garrett got into a heated brawl with the Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph. To say it was just a heated brawl is an understatement. We might have seen the first-ever, on-field crime. Before the fight occurred, Myles Garrett had an amazing backfield sack on Mason


Rudolph. Mason then proceeded to try

and rip Myles Garrett’s helmet off. This

escalated very quickly. After Mason

Rudolph tried to rip Myles Garrett’s

helmet off, Myles Garrett got heated and

proceeded to push around Rudolph.


Once they stood up, Myles Garrett flipped the script and pulled off Mason Rudolph’s IEWDZG4JGZE4TF2LR6XG4MYGW4helmet. By this time multiple Steeler’s linemen rushed and grabbed Myles Garrett. But it was too late, Garrett had already pulled the helmet off and proceeded to bash it against Rudolph’s head. Myles Garrett used a helmet as a weapon. Multiple ESPN analysts like Stephen A. Smith, says that Myles Garrett should be arrested. This could have been the first-ever assault with a deadly weapon that has been televised on the NFL. Needless to say, Myles Garrett was ejected from the game, and now we are waiting on the punishment that is going to be received by Myles Garrett.

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