Reader, count yourself lucky, for I’m about to share with you something sacred, almost as great as the Fountain of Youth. When you consume this recipe, one potential side effect is that you may become immortal. Sorry in advance. But, in all seriousness, this ham recipe (created by my grandma) is super delicious.

First off, you’ll need a roaster… so if you don’t own one of those, get one. This recipe alone will be worth it. Secondly, you’ll need a spiral sliced ham. You’ll also need some brown sugar and honey. That’s all the ingredients!

Before putting the ham in the roaster, you’ll need to lather it in honey and brown sugar. Then, set the roaster on low and cook the ham for 4-5 hours. Halfway through the ham cooking, lather the ham again in honey and brown sugar. Let the ham continue to cook, and once it’s done, prepare to consume physical greatness.

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