Key cub

I interviewed the teacher who is the leader of key club. Her name is Mrs. Burris she is a chemistry teacher and she helps to come up with all of the service work that Key club does. Here is what she said:

1. What made you want to start key club in the first place? 

“Key Club has been around since 1925 and was started by educators who wanted youth to use their time in a productive way. I have been an advisor for Key Club for 8 years because I truly enjoy helping people.”

2. Do you think Key club helps students think more about life?

“I think doing a variety of service projects enables students to see what other groups of people are experiencing: poverty, disease, hunger, etc. and this opens their hearts and minds to situations.”

3. What has been your favorite project you and your student have done in Key club? 

“I enjoy going to Hands Against Hunger. We work in a very organized environment and push out over 100,000 high protein meals to be shipped to regions of the world where starvation and poverty put the families/communities in a crisis.”

4.  What do you like the most about key club? 

“I like that Key Club can serve in many facets. We do service projects that are local and benefit our community and school, as well as many national and international projects.”

5.  Do you come up with the ideas of what you guys do in key club or do the students help pick out what you do? 

“I do initiate some of the Key Club projects, but each officer is required to find a service project for the group. Also, members of Key Club have a say on what projects they might want us to do as a club.”

6. Do you think Key Club is a good way to help people in need? 

“Absolutely, Key Club is a great organization to serve others. We make donations to various groups to initiate research: American Heart Association, Susan B. Komen Foundation, and March of Dimes. We have collected donations to help vaccinate children (UNICEF). We have collected money to support clean drinking water (Project Thirst and Hands Against Hunger). We make blankets every winter and give them to the local homeless shelter. We serve snacks or dinners to those struggling financially or simply to support them while they are in a time of crisis (Ronald McDonald House, Matthew 25 Ministries, City Gospel Mission, and Empower Youth). We assist groups through clean up, organizing, and watching younger kids (local elementary schools). We also spend time with elderly at nursing homes or assisted living facilities and let them know that they are not forgotten by giving them cards, singing to them, or decorating for the holidays. There are many more projects that we have done and will continue to do, as the needs of people are brought to our attention and it is tangible for us assist in any way.”

7.  Is Key club a club you think students need or no?  

Students of key cub

“Yes, Key Club is an organization that I feel is needed for our school. It is a reputable and valuable way to allow students to help others. Additionally, our school expectations include being compassionate, connecting to groups, and valuing all members of society. Key Club is an avenue for compassion and making connections to happen for our world.”

8. Is there any other teachers that help with Key Club? 

“No other teachers are helping with Key Club. I have been in the role long enough that I feel it operates smoothly. The officers have roles to fulfill and they are expected to run the club to a point. Union Township Kiwanis is an organization that supports us directly and they are valuable to our success.”

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