Early playoff predictions

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This is the time now where teams find their identity if they believe if they are a playoff team or are they a team that will need to improve next year to be in the playoffs. 2 Locks that I have are the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers. The New England Patriots have the easier schedule and the 49ers are legit. The Division Winners will be in The NFC will be the Philadelphia Eagles they have an easier schedule than the Dallas Cowboys but the Dallas will get a WIld Card spot. In the NFC North will be The Minnesota Vikings because the Minnesota Vikings would be a good option their offense is really great with Dalvin Cook who is having a great year and one of the top 5 rushers in the league and the Wide Receivers with Stephan Diggs and Adam Thielen leading the offense but their defence is going to make them go to the playoffs but the teams that are coming up they will do really well and will win the NFC North The Green Bay Packers have a really good chance but they don’t have the schedule like the vikings. The NFC South will go to the New Orleans Saints because all the other teams in the South are not that good. In the NFC West the 49ers will win because they are Legit and nobody can stop them right now. The Wild Card teams will be the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys.

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